Posted on May 10, 2015


So I jumped into a twitter conversation with a devil’s advocate about perhaps lecturing wasn’t always useless and realized that the response informing me on no uncertain terms what was useless adn what was priceless… felt an awful lot like being lectured at — and for all I know, my leaping in may have felt that way on the other side; I’m going to blame that on the twitterness of it, but I’m afraid I will persist in throwing comments into bashfests.

At any rate, I apologized for interrupting and departed. It’s time to focus on how to get focused on things … that’s what Sundays are for, right?

Twitter did lead me to   — a presentaion about algebra including some of the little bridges from visual/concrete to algebraic symbols. And my “Reader” got me to a video that showed me in three minutes “how to start a movement,” which showed a guy standing up and dancing… by himself for a while… and then a couple of “first followers joining the fray and then it Catching On… and how critically important it was for the folks at the beginning to care more about the movement than about Being THe Leader Of The MOvement.

But first the guy had to learn how to dance… so I’d better get some movies going… the site is ***moved.***   I can soon stop paying NewTek…

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