OERand OER again

Posted on May 9, 2015


Since my post labeled OER OER OER got visited today, I looked to see what it was.   Posted from D.C. and the face to face gathering of the OER course — and my reflection that I still had a few weeks to figure out what to present about.   I had no clue that … I was just starting to learn about what I was going to present about.

Today was stone cold quiet in the lab — maybe 8 people through the course of the day for printing… okay, two people for some help with math.   So I explored postsecondary OER since it’ll be college peeps at FSI … “open textbooks” are enough of a domineering entity that I’m glad that *isn’t* my focus.   Dudes, in 1999 computers were these amazing things where we could put text RIGHT ON THE SCREEN!!!   (Because yes, the math texts are all Text And Problems, Text And Problems.)

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