Vibes of mixed flavors :)

Posted on May 8, 2015


No, I can’t hear every word the students are saying, but when it includes phrases like “I would but…”   and “He’ll know…”  and certain looks… yea, it’s reality check time for people who DOn’t Do Those Big Projects.

I remember being one of those people — and honestly, if it hadn’t been for Miss Ferrara (or was it Ferarra? I remember her saying it was a highly atypical spelling of that pronunciation of name) and the “Researching and Writing a Term Paper” course where everything had mini due dates… I don’t know. I can promise you that I wouldn’t have obtained those executive functioning skills simply by failing a time or two.

I don’t know whether our “First Year Experience 101′ course includes that (I know our developmental writing courses have things broken down into smaller goals, and ENglish 102’s Big Fat Honkin’ Paper is done much like my term paper course)… but I think it is true that some of the really strong student support networks are a direct result of those courses.  It’s not a magic accident.

At any rate, today is “oh, crap, what have I done?” day regarding moving my website… and prep for a bicycling class tomorrow and … and… there’s a list somewhere.   Did I mention executive function challenges?


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