PUnctuated Equilibrium

Posted on May 6, 2015


Trying without much success to convince myself that no, I can’t learn everything about OER — that it’s like learning everything about the INternet. It’s like the evolution of lungs — another explosion of lots and lots of new species.

A “tentative” schedule for the conference is up and there I am… Wednesday 3-4 and Friday 10-11.

There’s one other session on OER and I googled the first presenter’s name and OER and now we’re following each other on Twitter … and I’ve read enough to be relieved that no, we won’t be saying the same things —  yes, my session will be about consuming OER more than creating them, although the act of consuming and revising will entail creating.  It was also worth reading a little more about “Share-Alike” and how one’s first impulse is to use it but that it’s

But… it’s time to put that away and get back to the presentation itself… and not forget that it’s really Math OER that I want to be creating, not presentations about how to find the silly things.

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