Review Week

Posted on April 25, 2015


It’s the last week of classes… and I”m recalling that at The New Community School, the last week of classes each semester is “Review Week,” and every course has a cumulative final.   It’s intense — and it works.   That final is not a handful of trivia plucked from the semester so that the students who memorize everything do well at; TNCS is a school for students with language learning disabilities.   It’s an exercise in prioritizing and organizing and connecting… and “Review Week” is where students spend time doing that.

Students in our Transitions math course can improve their grades with “homework coupons” — come in and do an alternative assignment with me, and your bad HW grade gets replaced with a better one. And during this last week, the “alternative assignment” takes you through the Most Important Stuff of the semester.   There are three versions of said assignment so you can get 3 of your 8 coupons with ’em.

It’s also a chance for students to “fail forward.”   Some of them figure out that they should have been taking more ownership of their learning — and since we’re guiding them through the review they’ve got a little extra time to own it.   The ones who’ve been owning it are getting a huge reward 🙂

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