Posted on April 24, 2015


… well, the OER-STEM “get things on Moodle” seems to have hit a clog.   It seems odd that the “real course” part ended (where we learned about the OER and using them) before we put things on Moodle. We were told to go ahead and make a Moodle module in the sandbox allotted to us…  except that now nobody’s facilitating anything so we’re on our own and — oh, by the way, the Moodle “sandbox” we’re provided won’t actually save any changes..   The same folks who were responding within an hour … aren’t.   Perhaps at teh Adult Ed conference in Denver? COABE?

So I’m switching Camtasia over to my new computer (doing the Very Slow Wireless Download here at school) and experimenting with “One Drive.”

One Drive:   FAIL.  I worked on Powerpoint next door and saved it to One Drive “in the cloud.”   I downloaded the powerpoint about integers and … Powerpoint 2013 on my computer “can’t read it.”  Thanks, Microsoft.   I’ll see if dropbox works better.   I had dared hope that I’d have a way of knowing where The Latest Version of Life was.

And just put  out an “android app” course update.

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