Argument for open

Posted on April 20, 2015


The “Math Playground” site has many the wonderful math game and ways where math *concepts* are emphasized, with nifty visuals.

Many of the folks in our OER-STEM course will be linking to some of them.   However, that’s it as far as “openness” is concerned.

Why does this matter?   Well, a more open license would let us do things like remix and revise things.   For instance:

Early in the video, we hear it’s third and fourth graders who want to learn their tables.   My adult learners do not need another reminder that they don’t know things that third and fourth graders are expected to know. On the other hand, she wasn’t making that video for adult learners.She shouldn’t have to contemplate every possible user…   Clipping that one sentence out of the video would take care of that whole issue… which could be done if it were open.

Of course, it’s also possible that the creator would give permission for that — but where would that video live?   I’ll prob’ly be doing my own version of it anyway… Just sayin’…

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