So many places to organize files…

Posted on April 12, 2015


Okay, at my age I *do* know not to get excited at things that promise to help *me* organize 😉

We’re soon migrating to Office 365 at Parkland and that will include the ‘amazing’ OneNote, where we can put *everything,* thank you, organized into folders.

I’m thinking that will be better for me than Google Docs, tho’ I have been really enjoying being able to write myself notes at home and having them waiting for me at work.   Google docs has a folder system, too… I wonder if One Note will have a way to really easily see which file is in which folder.   I skipped the “object permanence” phase so when things are out of sight, they no longer exist. Now I’ve got half a dozen files that sort of overlap with assorted ideas about what I’m doing, how, and when it needs to get done and I *know* somewhere is a sort of “big outline” … but which one?

Oh, then there’s Dropbox, which also looks awesome, especially if it really *does” save to all of my computers — not just to the cloud where I could *access* it.  That way, I would have stuff this weekend when I just might be way the heck up in the mountains and out of satellite range.   (My attempt at 100 consecutive Stack Overflow days might get the restart, tho’ there *is* a place a mile or three from the cabins on a summit where sometimes cell phones work.)

But is it reasonable for me to try to put things in One Note *and* Google Docs *and* Dropbox… or to try to pick one… or to be forever wandering into each one the same way I look all over my desk… as in, no, folks, these systems aren’t going to “organize” me.   I’d have to do that myself…

Dropbox looks like the sweetest given that I have my work computer, my Windows 8.1 Tablet that is easiest to carry but FULL since it only has a 32 GB hard drive, my home laptop that has complained bitterly when I make it travel, and the new Asus which is Open SOurce Creativity Central (until we get Office 365).

GOogle docs is still best for using at the presentaiton for “here’s a link — go and enter the OER you found.”

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