Humility, my dear…

Posted on April 10, 2015


So it’s busy in here, really busy and I sit down at the desk and need two minutes to finish this email.

Hands are waving.   I say “Two minutes!”  and point at what I’m doing, and they seem to understand, except that then one of ’em says “So you’re leaving in two minutes?”  And I say “no,” and think they’ll figure it out but she persists so I say “Well, I need two minutes before I can get to you, unless of course I haev to spend more time explaining that I need two minutes.”

“Don’t you have a meeting at two o’clock?”

Oh.   It is, in fact, now a minute before 2:00 and this student times her breaks with when I’m not going to be there, and therefore knew.

“Say ‘thank you H___  and S_____!'”  says H_____, laughing.

“Thank you, H____ and S_____” and I go to the meeting…

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