Guess some things resist change…

Posted on April 7, 2015


I got a promotional email from Edwin Ellis who has done and written lots of amazing and awesome things facilitating young and not-so-young people with learning disabilities in uncovering and realizing potentials.   His “Watering Up The Curriculum” articles are timeless and priceless.

I also recall that at least ten years ago, he chose as his example for a “graphic organizer” picture online a sheet that stated that there were “only two kinds of lines” — parallel and perpendicular?   Of course, there are literally infinitely more relationships between lines than that, so I sent an email but it didn’t seem to matter… I had to infer that the whole “watering up” idea of having high expectations for all was selectively applied.   (I got a reply acknowledging the issue, stating the grade level it was aimed at… and it stayed up there. Silly me, I don’t think you should lie to students.  Tell me two *important* relationships between lines are parallel and perpendicular. Yea, it’s one of those math teacher things. )

I went to the website and there are huge blank spaces under assorted headings so it would seem the website still isn’t a priority … also, Math is not included in the mix of “Makes Sense Strategies” collections.   They’re probably awesome

And I’ve visited our Speech Lab and gotten some advice on constructed The Actual Presentation.

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