Nominated for Best In Track

Posted on April 4, 2015


“Your proposal has been nominated as one of three Best In Track sessions at FSI.  Best in Track sessions will be recorded and live streamed and offered twice on the FSI schedule.  ”

Now, this is based on my submission, not anybody ever having seen a presentation of mine.   I haven’t done a great presentation that won an award; my topic was just deemed “best.”   “Finding, Creating and Integrating Open Educational Resources into Courses” 

Okay, I’ve asked for clarification of the word “nominated,” because I suppose that could simply be confirming that I checked that box on the application, but everybody I showed the email to interpreted it as meaning that I”m going to have to present twice and … well, learn how to present.   When I’ve tried to share things by standing in front of people and showing them, it’s gone from pretty good to mediocre to abysmal and everywhere in between, and the abysmal one was important to get right.

This is a Bring Your Own Device conference, so I can expect people to have computers with the internet in the hands/laps.   And … that’s where I stop.

Parkland College prob’ly has, oh, clickers or something that I could use if I wanted… time to dream up things that will make the fifty minutes engaging and fun, w/o being complicated and clumsy. Hey, world, what would you do? (Monday I’m going to our “Presentation Center” where people in speech courses can get guidance, get recorded, etc…)

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