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Review Week

April 25, 2015


It’s the last week of classes… and I”m recalling that at The New Community School, the last week of classes each semester is “Review Week,” and every course has a cumulative final.   It’s intense — and it works.   That final is not a handful of trivia plucked from the semester so that the […]


April 24, 2015


… well, the OER-STEM “get things on Moodle” seems to have hit a clog.   It seems odd that the “real course” part ended (where we learned about the OER and using them) before we put things on Moodle. We were told to go ahead and make a Moodle module in the sandbox allotted to us… […]

Prism of language

April 21, 2015


Somebody is insisting that calling rectangular prisms “rectangular solids” just isn’t right.  I hold that you don’t change names any more often than necessary, and that when you say “prism” *most* people think of the triangular, light-bending kind and even when you say “rectangular prism,” well, I might think a triangular prism is rectangular because it […]

Argument for open

April 20, 2015


The “Math Playground” site has many the wonderful math game and ways where math *concepts* are emphasized, with nifty visuals. Many of the folks in our OER-STEM course will be linking to some of them.   However, that’s it as far as “openness” is concerned. Why does this matter?   Well, a more open license […]

What are parts and wholes?

April 20, 2015


So I drove back from the mountains yesterday instead of today (it was a very spontaneous trip so I spontaneously shortened it), but I scheduled today off..  so I’ve got time to try to explain “parts and wholes.”   is the PDF of “Focus on Basics” with a quick article by Dorothea Steinke about […]

arright, another feelgood…

April 17, 2015


From the person doing the graduate research about student engagement and stuff at college, seems that some of our men have been telling other men “you need to go down to D120.   They don’t judge you there.”

(I shouldn’t say this out loud) :)

April 16, 2015


“I like what this class is about.   I shouldn’t say that out loud…”   (It’s our Math Literacy class)… then she says that the Pre-Algebra was like the columns that this class could be built on. Testify 🙂

So many places to organize files…

April 12, 2015


Okay, at my age I *do* know not to get excited at things that promise to help *me* organize 😉 We’re soon migrating to Office 365 at Parkland and that will include the ‘amazing’ OneNote, where we can put *everything,* thank you, organized into folders. I’m thinking that will be better for me than Google […]

Humility, my dear…

April 10, 2015


So it’s busy in here, really busy and I sit down at the desk and need two minutes to finish this email. Hands are waving.   I say “Two minutes!”  and point at what I’m doing, and they seem to understand, except that then one of ’em says “So you’re leaving in two minutes?”  And […]

Sleep deprivation

April 10, 2015


No, not me.  I’m just observing the pretty dramatic, devastating effect it has on an otherwise smart student. It’s really egregious that our health professions think it’s just part of life to structure schedules that send humans into this condition (tho’ there were additional factors today).   Just sayin’. It’s also important to remember that […]