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Posted on March 27, 2015


I found a detailed review of my new computer and oh, it has a “hard drive,” not solid state, so it’s not an UltraBook.   The reviewer also said it wasn’t up to real multitasking and … it looks like that’s true.   (It’s an Asus i3 “Flip” notebook that ran me $530.)   I’m at the part where I tell it to start the emulator in Android Studio and it’s been 15 minutes… but since my work computer Really Crawls All The Time I’ve developed a system.

First, When I open a new window I just take a walk around and make sure students are copasetic   It’s usually started up by the time I’m back at the desk.

Then there’s “put four things away from the top of the desk.”   (I haven’t gotten down to “actually wipe off the desk ’cause it’s clear” yet.)

Third, often there’s something I’m actually reading… a book or a monster PDF…

And finally, the reason I got this computer was because the work one crawls. Two computers rolling. Challenge:  making sure the “while you’re waiting” tasks are real tasks, not “cruise fb and twitter.”

Well, not *finally.* Finally is going to the bank to deposit the reimbursement for the D.C. trip that pays for that computer, and hoping the emulator’s running by the time I get back.

And either way, I have it rolling *happily* on Sir Dell…

and there is a *ton* to like about the computer.   It’s bigger so I can see and point and actually use the touch screen without a stylus; the tiny guy, not.   I have actually used it “flipped” happily, as a touch screen tablet. Reviewer noted that flipped, the keyboard is disabled and facing down and that it’s *not* waterproof, so putting it down in spilled coffee would probably be a bummer.  Point taken.

Ah, well, emulator needed by this VM exceeds driver limit.   Welp, I have ideas, but I’ve exceeded “time spent not in production” limit so it’s time to move on. I *am* hoping that maybe it’s not the computer being slow but that it’s being asked to do impossible things.  The reviewer did say a few dozen times that this wouldn’t work well for gaming.

Duly note that StackOverflow had the answer to why following the same movie as with Sir Dell didn’t work on it — seems a new version is out.  A guy with a reputation of 6 asked why he was getting the same error message, who is just getting started as well, and his frustration was leaking out all over… A nice person with a rep of 1 answered to change to 21 instead of 22 and it was a bug Google needed to fix.   A typical StackOverflow … I need a word for this particular kind of know-it-all… chastised that person for that not being an answer, and that asking an author for clarificaiton should be done in the comments, which they could do when they had enough reputation.   Hmmm… maybe fatuosity.   The quesiton *was* answered, after all, and no clarification was asked for.   Oh, well, you know these communities are so awesome!! <sarcasm>  that the cream always rises to the top!   Cream? or Algae?  Oh, that’s right… self-sanctified.   That’s the word for it…

Did I mention that I need to be sure the waiting-for-the-other-computer stuff needs to be productive?  The bank beckons…

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