Duly observing:

Posted on March 17, 2015


I posted to twitter a list of links to some of my commentaries on the Khan Academy via a “shared GOogle Doc.”  There are, according to Google, 15 viewers of the doc.  There was a request for “sources” about Khan Academy and the details weren’t specific.

THere are, however, *no* clicks through to my blog.  It’s a bot bot world… and in a tech coincidence, Audrey Watters  was among the @ on that tweet, and it woudl seem didn’t click through– though my failure to disable the stats trackers might be unforgivable… or she knows how to peek without the stats picking her up, or… I’ve learned some nifty stuff from her even tho’ much is inscrutably fragmented (and I prefer links that open in their own window).

(Update:  now I”m not sure her name was among the @ .   It might have been a multitasking monster… at any rate, this post was up for not long at all and I decided I didn’t want something so “at an individual” so I deleted that part, but it had already been reblogged!   So … I put it back up… )

Hmmm… I was more patient today but also not at all focused on anything productive like powerpoints or even getting things mailed in between. Alas, I suspect they’re connected.

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