Visual Models of Fractions

Posted on March 7, 2015


So, #dlday was a bit of a disappointment, but Friday I found   

It blends extremely well in its language with our “part whole” foundation to our Transitions course.

Common Core is something I don’t interact directly with (at least not yet).   I hear about how it will affect how students will be placed in our assorted courses and yes, I’ve read a fair number of posts from people who hate it and love it and things in between.

After watching this webinar, if *this* is the direction Common core leads teachers, it seems like a good thing. I learned a lot of good language bridges about equivalence that applied the “2/4 would be 2 1/4 pieces” instead of it being that 2/4 symbol.  Concrete-Representational-abstract was the theme of the day — my hope is that one of these eons the “CONNECT IT TO LANGUAGE!!!” idea will be woven into all the pieces of the assorted cute graphics used to convey that — and that the idea that some folks will need concrete to semi-concrete…

This is my favorite format for webinars too — speaker, slides and lots and lots of comments with resources and ideas. Alas, I wasn’t there live — and I’m not sure these people talk to each other in places I have access to.  I looked for chats/forums where they’d continue the conversation and didn’t find them…

Yes, it was a “sponsored” webinar by folks selling stuff.   However, if I recall correctly, there math stuff is the stuff that has been getting good reviews of the type that make sense to me.

…but it’s time to get back to production mode.   I’ve found the multiplication powerpoint that I started in 2010 – time to work in some pictures of Casey/Gravity (the dog)… think I’ll break it up into repeated addition / arrays / rates and let students pick which ones to do.  Also have to put in my Very Own PIctures —  but looking for things to ADd Repeatedly I found the Sock Monkey, which has not hollered spontaneously at me in months. Kaching!   There’s my surprise picture of “rate”… tho’ I do not know how to propel it efficiently and I s’pose I’ll have to move from it to something that moves for more than two seconds for something realistic.

… and it’s above freezing!

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