Posted on March 6, 2015


That would be “digital learning day” and this webinar about “co-creating.”   Okay, this is a Google Hangout but … I’m just watching a live youtube.

I  wonder about the demographics of the schools where these folks are from.   Granted, budget is mentioned early and often, but (of *course* they’re all white bread) I want to know what their budgets are.  Thinkin’ on Rafranz Davis’ observation in her book about the hidden voices in Ed Tech — and that her circle of tech people don’t tend to work in schools with students in poverty; that they pretty much say “yea, poverty sucks.”

WOrking at The New Community School was totally awesome — it’s great to have the resources you need to do your job well — but it’s important to keep trying to find a way to push what we learn about what works down to people with fewer resources.

Brightest spot of the webinar — story of the teacher who told her students about “edcamp” and then … they had one 🙂

Still, it was *not* a webinar about co-creating.   It was a “wow, aren’t the Interwebs COOL??? What’s youre favorite tool? How can we convince other people to do this?”   That’s not about creating.   (However, at least it wasn’t “this is about creating — of *course* you’ve got a ProductX to work with… did we forget to tell you who was sponsoring this?”)

I’m afraid that LINCS and that Blended Learning class has me slightly spoiled 😉   **That’s** co-creating and interaction…

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