Blending, blending

Posted on March 4, 2015


It’s a mind warp, now that I’m finally putting together a lesson, because I haven’t done that for an actual class in years, and I haven’t taught a *math* lesson to a class … hmmm… since before I really knew how to do it, I suppose… definitely before I knew all the multisensory stuff I do now.

Part of “open” teaching and learning includes having students involved in deciding what resources to use. I’m goign to do a unit on ‘word problems’ — because that’s really what’s behind the whole “part whole” thing.   has some cool ideas — and discussion of the materials right there on the page.

I’m digging it 🙂   … time to pick that shovel up and do!

But I wonder whether — and hope — people are buying the ‘professional development modules.’   It woudl be awesome to have the math stuff out there, online, to be crowd-improved… but also have people who Just Need To LEarn It spring the $$ for an already organized, more linear ‘course.’

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