Posted on March 4, 2015


Eavesdropping on a conversation and starting a wish list of things I wish students knew automatically. I’d like students to recognize that if the “right answer” is 32.77 and their answer is .3277 that they’re off by a factor of 100.

I’d like students to automatically know that multiplying by somethin gbigger than 1 grows a number, but multiplying by something less than 1 shrinks it. First, I’d like them to be automatic about recognizing that .o34 is smaller than 1.

Reading Rafranz Davis’ ‘The Missing Voices in Ed Tech’ — specifically, students in poverty, women and people of color… but she quickly recognizes that,well, one of the huge “missing pieces” in ed tech is the people using the tech, the teachers.
She categorizes teachers as “Tech-Fearless,” “Tech-Compliant,” “Tech-Reluctant,” and “Anti-everything…” but I want to grow another category: Tech-hacker. Think about it 🙂

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