Installing Android Studio

Posted on March 2, 2015


I went back and looked at my negative integer app.   Remembered taht I did a lot of work on inheriting number line views, and … haven’t figured out *anything* workable with anything like a ‘quiz’ or game.

Decided that … yea, I think this is worth pursuing.   (Even if it’s just brain exercise and I might actually just be doing crossword puzzles I *know* crossword puzzles won’t turn into something useful and this, tho’ the odds may be miniscule, might.)

So I’ve gone over to and … intro to Android Studio.

The Install Process.   Remembered that yea, I had downloaded it before — but the 64bit version and since everything else is set up for 32, that was a mistake.  Which made me just put it up Until Further Notice … but Mr. Glasser tells me Google doesn’t acknowledge Eclipse as of the end of the year, so that’s my Further Notice.

So I’ve gotten to the part where I’m supposed to edit the “path” in my system properties. … but dudes, I’m wimping out on that one and making note here… naw, I’m not.  I succeeded.   Except that this is when would have been nice to be in a FTF class with somebody who could have made it happen faster with less stress.

Figuring that the install will take the kind of huge chunks of time that getting Eclipse ready did, but hoping this opens doors without tigers behind them 🙂

And a certain person who triggered Adobe flashbacks has offered to draw me a “lady vincula.”   That would be awesome. She noted that ‘ad vincula’ meant in chains, and was that where I was going?   I confess, where my mind went for the “order of operations” videos for a few seconds was borderline NSFW 😉   I explained that a vinculum in math was a grouping symbol and linked her to …

Now to set up a chart so that this week is *not*last week’s mild insanity and too too many muckups from having four pots on the fire and trying to stir them all.   App development, FSI, Canvas Course, OER-STEM — tho’ I also had professional development day and the assorted other details.   Yea. Organizing. By the way, no, workflowy doesn’t seem to be useful for it.

Update:  Sigh.  well,  I had to download teh whole x64 SDK anyway since that’s what it wants… and then it didn’t want to let me click on the SDK manager, a close and open let it happen.   Now it’s doing that Very Slow DOwnload thing … so it’s time to put the lid on that pot and put it on the back burner, and see about mapping out my “blended learning course” per the Canvas class.

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