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Your average nerds

March 28, 2015


I’ve got a couple of students who have declared themselves to be nerds. They like to work at things until they get them right; they like to explore things a little more than necessary.   One of them puts language flourishes into essays when no, they aren’t *necessary.*  This is English 101… if it’s correct […]

The New Guy, stackOverflow, etc

March 27, 2015


I found a detailed review of my new computer and oh, it has a “hard drive,” not solid state, so it’s not an UltraBook.   The reviewer also said it wasn’t up to real multitasking and … it looks like that’s true.   (It’s an Asus i3 “Flip” notebook that ran me $530.)   I’m […]

Attempted Embed!

March 23, 2015


Will attempt to figure out how to embed powerpoints — they have properly uploaded.   Right now they’re not quite worth sharing at all 🙂 Quiet “spring break” but yes, did have several students come by.   Now to head home and Mess with Moodle.

Real Numbers (Natural ones) Rock

March 18, 2015


Trying to get slope intercept form of an equation and the student asks me what gives me the mathematical right to move that five x to the other side. So I explained about equality… doin’ the same thing to both sides means they’re still the same… but that is a little extra abstract… so I […]

Duly observing:

March 17, 2015


I posted to twitter a list of links to some of my commentaries on the Khan Academy via a “shared GOogle Doc.”  There are, according to Google, 15 viewers of the doc.  There was a request for “sources” about Khan Academy and the details weren’t specific. THere are, however, *no* clicks through to my blog. […]

Step by step…

March 16, 2015


Welp… telling myself that yes, it’s past mid-term and yes, I *know* I have informed all students every single time that if the online math doesn’t work, leave Explorer and go to Firefox or Chrome.   However, for students in Anxious Survival mode, that is exactly the kind of detail that will. not. stick. That […]

Multiplication is…

March 12, 2015


yea, I know, it’s not “just repeated addition.” In fact, I’m having a separate short Camtasia for repeated addition, arrays, and rates. However, I found this gem of a lesson from  taht includes this: Mel is designing cards. She has 4 different colors of paper and 7 different pictures she can glue on the paper. […]

Blended LEarning, Chapter Two

March 9, 2015


This chapter had its ups and downs. I really appreciate the whole concept of focusing on interactions, since I do tend to focus on Content, Content, Content. However, it still suffers from Educationalese . Yes, I”m familiar witht he “hole in the wall” experiment.   Yes, it’s fascinating that the kids who found the computers […]

Visual Models of Fractions

March 7, 2015


So, #dlday was a bit of a disappointment, but Friday I found    It blends extremely well in its language with our “part whole” foundation to our Transitions course. Common Core is something I don’t interact directly with (at least not yet).   I hear about how it will affect how students will be placed […]

ALEKS links

March 6, 2015


One of our math faculty let me know today that teachers will soon be able to add links in ALEKS to outside resources.   This would probably explain the existence of the movie I found explaining how to do the convoluted integer problem (the one that inspired me to do subtracting integers for my app), […]