Blendkit! Canvas!

Posted on February 23, 2015


Yes, I’m a glutton for … well, it’s not punishment exactly.   I was perusing Moodle and Canvas and D2L/Brighspace thinking “what is happening as far as their open courses?”  Sunday afternoon and bang-0!  Monday morning this “Blended Courses” course would be happening.   Welp, I do a whole lot better with structure and deadlines — unless I’m really just avoiding moving forward with apps and things?  (Defense: I *did* try to pull up the app to add addition to it, but there are those version issues.   I need to work on the *app* from the school front only unless/until I do the big ugly Switchover to Android Studio or whatever it is…)

So I’ve enrolled.   Hey, the first week’s activities include “blog about it!”  and … hey, it’s cold enough to jar your preserves (0 Fahrenheit this a.m.) so I’m going to be on the bus … *maybe* I can get the readings onto the tablet in time for commute read 🙂   … but only if I start right now…

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