A non ranty day :)

Posted on February 22, 2015


Not a particularly *focused* day… but I have most of my proposal for the Faculty Summer Institute outlined.   I’ll flesh out a few things before I send it if I have time.   My plan is to cram into 50 minutes an overview of OER, some of the places to go to search for things, a few minutes for people to actually do that, and then a little on “creating your own.”   I know I’ll include OERCommons “author,”  and Screencasts, and educanon and youtube’s editor… jury’s still out on whether I include LiveScribe.   Most people can watch movies, but do most people have exactly the right version of Adobe Reader with Flash?  Lots less likely, especially given the “you have it so you can’t download it; you can’t hear this until you downloadit” loop.

I’ll finish up with Moodle, Instructure (Canvas), and D2L (Brightspace) and how they’ve got “open” courses, at least sort of… and how if we made “open” modules  that were robust enough, people could borrow the courses, tweak them and facilitate to their heart’s content.   Of course, I don’t know if it’ll be accepted or not but my bigger fear is that it will be and people will come with high expectations… so I’ll be making use of our fearless college’s “we’ll help with presentations” lab and at least sending out an email to a few folks to see if they want to do it with me.   I can dream, can’t I?   (Speaking of… yea, I should include my little app, too…)

Found a couple of open “prepare yourself for the math placement test for college” courses — the D2L one from Wisconsin won’t let you go to the next level ’til you get at least *half* of the answers right on any given quiz.

And no, none of these courses go down to the “basic number stuff” that I’m trying to cover… I mucked about a little bit with Canvas and my dream is to have my module on each platform.   I remembered that the “Canvas grants” thing will give its prizes out in a week or so, tho’ my real hope is that there’s some “consolation prize” for participants like last year’s trip to Denver 😉

I’m also finding that I am almost as drawn to the online course and getting its pieces finished as I am to, oh, mindless online games.

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