Livescribe travails

Posted on February 20, 2015


I suspect this is really a Microsoft issue, since Microsoft doesn’t care for FLash, but Livescribe should understand that.

I had this wild fantasy of being able to listen to some of my pencasts of pithy recitations of stuff I want to remember.

Forget the first five things I tried, or that no, despite hints and suggestions that such a thing exists, there doesn’t seem to be an android app to read a pencast. Their site *says* that I “just” have to open in adobe (oh, yea, my favorite company) reader to export it as an .mp4 — except that’s a lie.   I can open it in the latest acrobat reader at work… but there are no export options.

So there’s this whole thing where I should be able to play it in a “livescribe player” page — except that tells me that I need the latest version of Flash (which is what the latest version of Adobe Reader says).   I try to download that and I’m duly informed that I already have it, in my Internet Explorer.   Except that my Explorer says I need to download it.

The crappy part of this is that once I’ve invested serious time to get something to work, I figure, “what’s another ten minutes if I actually get there?”  … except I’m pretty much sure that probably the reason Livescribe hasn’t taken off is that … well… it doesn’t work on most computers.

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