Cold as …

Posted on February 19, 2015


… doing pushups in the snow.   Three below this morning so I took the bus, which was not crowded.  I don’t know; maybe people find rides or don’t go places when it’s this cold?   Or maybe Thursday just is a lighter travel day (it’s a lighter course day at Parkland).

Got this in my email box:

“Student engagement is a key metric for funding decisions, but how can it be enhanced and measured?

New creation and distribution models like OER and MOOCs are changing basic assumptions about how content is assembled and monetized. Is your information delivery platform flexible enough to keep up?

Join us in a complimentary webinar to hear how MarkLogic’s content and education gurus discuss the changes in the education landscape and how new approaches and technical capabilities are changing how solutions providers approach these core problems.”

“Hey, we’re figuring out how to keep getting the $$$$$$$~ That’s what education is all about, right???  ”   I didn’t RSVP…

I”m enjoying my OER-STEM train the trainer more this week ’cause I don’t have to be facilitator.  We’re supposed to “envision” our open math course.

Well, I don’t have a course… so I kinda have to pretend to imagine.

When I’m allowed to imagine what I want to imagine, I go back to animations class, CSC 186, and my brain exploding, and long for my own kind of Termite Terrace ( ) — sans termites and whatever crassitudes — with a project manager and some people who could actually draw.   The Lady Vinculum could be the MOther Superior in the Order of Operations 🙂   I could put that lesson out in a repository — with access to the stuff I made it with so people could adapt (they might, perchance, wish for something ‘hipper’ than Lady Vinculum’s secluded grounds)…

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