Some ships sail too fast…

Posted on February 15, 2015


I read Audrey Watters ( ) and … there’s this Federated Wiki thing that looked *really* awesome and cool and so I clicked on things saying I wanted to participate.   I joined a google group and now I get all these neat emails from people introducing themselves… and asking questions about doing things in vocabulary I”m utterly clueless about, but we’re all suppsed to send our bios so things can get started.

So I attempted to email a bio with caveat that well, I wasn’t sure… except the email bounced.

Welp, if I can’t even do the right things to get on the list properly, it’s time to extricate myself from the group — that seems to be a recurring theme this winter.   People trying to change the world, whether with bicycles or ed tech,I wish you well 😉

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