Trying so hard! To do it myself!

Posted on February 13, 2015


Students get three chances to take quizzes on ALEKS.   So, I won’t help you during the quiz.  However, the quizzes are pretty much exactly the same kind of problem, so … show all your work, write the problem down (which you’re supposed to do anyway) and … after that first attempt we can work through and learn the things you haven’t learned yet.

Except … student in question is an answer seeker.   The path doesn’t matter… and student will spend a solid hour on a quiz moving digits around and trying desperately to get them to kinda look like the ones she’s done already, asking me to please, please help, give hints… then write down the right answer and start the next quiz and try even harder … on the next quiz, wondering why I am **so mean** that I won’t help with the quiz.

This is a student who works with another student who models “okay that’s the right answer; now let me go through it again to make sure I understand how I got there.”   However, this student doesn’t emulate.

Student usually manages to get a decent grade on these quizzes with the “look hard and spend a lot of time on it” method… I have a funny feeling that tests are a *real* problem but “Oh, I just don’t do well on tests!!”

How to teach what it is to comprehend math, and that honestly, it’s worth changing your *whole approach* and learning a different one?

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