It works it works it works ;)

Posted on February 8, 2015


Okay, I’m not *quite* sure why… but I changed a constructor and my “draw the array this-away” did that!

It’s a Java application because that Java II class assignment from hades last year was enough like what I want to do so I used it as a template.  THe minor miracle was reconstructing a design so that without all the folderol (ahem, that is how it’s spelled) … it still found the array to repaint.

Note to self:   do not forget how completely useless trying to do stuff at taht difficulty level is at your desk at work between students.   That’s “Camtasia prep” time because there are no Null Pointers in Powerpoint 😉   So I should prob’ly get all those ready before, oh, trying to translate this into an interactive JavaScript thing that would be utterly new territory.

And now it’s time for a little bike ride, since it’s FIFTY FIVE DEGREES OUTSIDE IN FEBRUARY!!!!!    A little one because … singing at church pretty much wore me out! The system’s not at 100% yet… then… possibly… figuring out how to solder my light back together.

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