Posted on February 4, 2015


So happily, when I inquired of the internet as to my “won’t open right in Eclipse” stackoverflow had the answer.  A fairly recent question and enough in the assorted answers for me to figure out that because I’m working in two different versions of Eclipse, when it moves over, it can’t “build” right with that setup.   The Stackoverflow answer told me how to fix it.

Just under that was a typical snark to that person telling them that answer would be better if they explained it more.

You know, I’m grateful enough for having it that I would *like* to chip in and explain my version — except I know better.   I’m not of the sanctified, and don’t have the rep to “comment,” and my contribution might not be an “answer.”  So, not wasting time trying to be a positive contributor to a community that doesn’t take positively to contributions.

Snowing like a bandit out there and I’m going to catch the slightly early bus out if I can and … could this be loosening of stuff int he lungs???   Dare I hope?   Feeling very slightly expectorant…

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