Should quit whining about adobe…

Posted on February 4, 2015


tho’ it’s all related… Spending oh, at least an hour here, again, not the first (or second, or third, or fourth time) … just trying to figure out why Eclipse decided there aren’t any library files.   I forgot again that it’s not enough to close entirely out of the program; I have to *shut down my computer* with the flash drive still in it for it not to make this foulup.   It will work on the Eclipse *in the flash drive* … but not from Eclipse in my computer.   Oops, now it won’t do that either.   Can’t remember the forty-three things I did  before I found the right trick the last time this happened.    This is why if you don’t do this 24/7 it’s not worth doing — not because the *tasks* are hard but because of the constant inane, random meaningless rituals which must be performed exactly correctly.     I know at one point I actually cut and paste the flogging text from the code into completely different projects because no, Eclipse is *not* designed so you can just bring in a project nicely because real programming is just that much more complicated.

Except that no, I can’t even have a new project — sorry.   There is, no longer, the option of … making things in Eclipse.   I get the same big red exclamation point.   Shutting down my whole flogging computer now, which probably won’t work because … too late.   I moved files without shutting the whole thing down.   No, of course, there’s nothing in any directions that says you need to do that — you just have to know.

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