Lessons learned :)

Posted on February 3, 2015


Might be correlation and not cause/effect, but while riding and breathing hard at the right point in getting over a cold clears things out, it would seem that standing around an djust breathing in cold air … well, after that my throat was screaming at me. I woulda thunk it would have shrunk tissues, not inflamed them, but I’ll not repeat that experiment.

Clues about students w/o good number sense:   trying to convert measurements in metric system, student asks “so if you had a thousand” (writes 1000) “and the decimal was here (10.00) and you had to convert to …”   welp, your conversion strategy works, but 10.00 isn’t a thousand…

At some point the patience I lack b/c of this cold might mean I might as well stay home … but I don’t think I hit the threshold.   Might have lost one who came in saying he needed, pretty much, grounding and motivation and organization and … with 9 other people needing help with math I couldn’t do that and I couldn’t even phrase (this was the ‘have a cold’ factor) his other options with other folks right here who could talk him through some “get the overwhelming amount of things you have to do under control!” thing… all I heard was “Somebody with a problem I can’t handle right now.”

Time to try to find the phone and catch the bus…

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