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Did I mention online courses are evolving?

January 14, 2015


So I’m on the “live class” session wiht the Adobe class. It’s a *mess* of beginners — over 400 people in the chatroom. THe course is ostensibly about “digital creativity” with a slim overdressing of that kind of content. Marketed to *everybody* and I’m going to guess that … oh, my… we’ve reached a tipping […]


January 13, 2015


As I mentioned, I’m involved in several online courses right now, and it’s fascinating how they’re evolving.   Even the MOOCiest ones have more communication between people. Makes me wonder whether there are forums out there… But let me digress.   Unless you’re the adobe fellow who tweeted to ask “what could we do […]

Creative Commons LInks

January 13, 2015

0 — how they work — things to think about before putting a license (like — once it’s done, it’s done! ) — choosing a license! or… just go public domain

Semester has started!

January 12, 2015


Took the bus in b/c it was ferociously slushy and the last time I assumed that was fine, it was frozen on the western part of my route… oh, and, yes, it’s dropped to frigid so it would be frozen hard for the ride home.   Ended up talking to several folks along the way […]

Online Courses are Evolving

January 10, 2015


I’ve done some online courses before, and usually finished them. Mostly, I don’t remember them. THey’ve been evolving nicely as the technology improves and the people making them learn. I *think* one of the first lessons of the providers has been not to get out the most amazing technology unless you only want to have […]

Brightspace, D2L Cobra, LMS life is an acronym

January 9, 2015


Okay, Cobra isn’t an acronym; it’s Parkland College’s mascot (derived from the Mustang car, not directly from the reptile). I’ve been spoiled by app-making and programming. I’d really like to have a quiz wherein you are presented with a problem, to wit: 7 + -6 and *first* you asnwer what’s the operation:    __ addition […]

Natural Selection Geekasm

January 7, 2015


I wouldn’t have attended this session — Use This One Easy Trick To Make Your Class Better! — because … I’m not faculty so I don’t have classes.   However, shortly before the fire alarms ended our beginning-of-semester talk, the description changed my mind — the Distance and Virtual Learning guys were trying to encourage […]