Capitalism & Charity & Apple Products.

Posted on January 30, 2015


Kyle Pearce makes some truly awesome little videos … and rightfully extols the virtues of the products he uses.

Oh, so does Tessa Torowski who was at the OER-STEMT training — check out this “Fungus” film 🙂 

I’m sticking with Powerpoint, thank you, and apps and what have you will be Android base.   People who use my educational resources are not on the privilege track; nobody’s doing a 1:1 device program here.  Camtasia lets me do with Powerpoint what i need to do (and while it costs, the total when you factor in the Apple factor is probably comparable; it doesn’t matter ’cause these are the tools we have here).

This reminds me, though, that we have other tools that I didn’t get around to exploring … but it’s almost quiet in here this minute so I’m going to get back to those Powerpoints.   Now I have to prove that good things can come from them — thanks for the motivation 🙂

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