Posted on January 28, 2015


(Note to self:   find accessibility info for online stuff and share, if it isn’t already).

In D.C.   It’s cold but no blizzard 🙂   Being given enough STUFF to begin to really dive into creating a course. In that standard “how in the world am I going to block out time to do this properly?”   … and really, really hoping that since I’m *not* taking Java 256 and Android Apps that … I will be able to do this.   Hey, I’ve got a few weeks to figure out what I want to apply to present at the Faculty Summer Institute…  The priorities are to Have A Unit (about parts and wholes) that includes *something* about adding subtracting multiplying and dividing respectively… and to have a nice, working app for adding single digit integers and seeing them… ideally with chips and number lines…

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