Hours? Extra hours?

Posted on January 20, 2015


Last semester things were consistently quiet from 4-6 on Monday and Tuesday. Alas, even if one person is here that usually means they ask more questions; it’s not a linear relationship between number of students and time I have at the desk.

Still, I’m caught up on the OER-STEM things … and I’m going to bail on the Adobe “course.”   I tried to shove together an Animoto that would have met the assignment requirements but kept running into questions about how to use it and what was because I was using the promo version,etc… and there’s no advantage to spending time learning things I have no intention of using.   People also post enough technical issues that are *not* the stuff of inexperienced users; clearly there are bugs that are being worked out, or — perhaps more likely  — bugs that should have been worked out long ago, but Adobe isn’t good enough to take care of that.

I spent some time on an Illustrator tutorial instead — and yes, it seems a lot of my frustration with Photoshop is basically because I should be using Illustrator for creating from the ground up.   I also really needed (which I knew, which is why I did it :)) to go back and walk through things like “what are the preferences?” “what dose this stuff do?”   I am, simply, not a “just do it and muck around with it” person.   (Yes, this is why I do better in school than “real life” 🙂 🙂 )

DIdn’t even get five minutes to look at the Canvas thing, and my intention was to get that submitted *yesterday* based on realizing that these guys probably aren’t like my teachers who wait ’til everybody has turned things in to grade them.   Proposals often get read upon submission, so early submissions get a better look.   So! No time like the present!

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