Did I mention online courses are evolving?

Posted on January 14, 2015


So I’m on the “live class” session wiht the Adobe class. It’s a *mess* of beginners — over 400 people in the chatroom. THe course is ostensibly about “digital creativity” with a slim overdressing of that kind of content. Marketed to *everybody* and I’m going to guess that … oh, my… we’ve reached a tipping point in people’s willingness to try online courses. I think it’s coming from several directions: people are just more immersed in technology and more willing to try things, *and* the technology is getting easier to get and use, *and* the courses are better designed.
NOw, this one breaks a *ton* of rules for keeping people engaged … like, have the first assignment in just-released software that’s only on one version of a product. we are told, well, that’s how they do things when they are new roll-outs. Oh, and tons and tons of technical difficulties with the live session.
These are exciting new times, methinks, when the students can truly make of a course what they wish. The possibilities are really interesting.

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