Semester has started!

Posted on January 12, 2015


Took the bus in b/c it was ferociously slushy and the last time I assumed that was fine, it was frozen on the western part of my route… oh, and, yes, it’s dropped to frigid so it would be frozen hard for the ride home.   Ended up talking to several folks along the way who were heading to Parkland… and … there’s no longer a lag time between when classes start and when students figure out where to go for help.   I had 8 or 9 “Math Literacy” students and oh, a fair number of others… in between talking to teachers and staff…

… but time to hop on the bus again — will post soon about “what I’ve learned so far about Open Education Resources,” including  — David Wiley’s “Ted talk” about Open Education, from 2010.   He’s since (in August) posted   

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