Brightspace, D2L Cobra, LMS life is an acronym

Posted on January 9, 2015


Okay, Cobra isn’t an acronym; it’s Parkland College’s mascot (derived from the Mustang car, not directly from the reptile).

I’ve been spoiled by app-making and programming. I’d really like to have a quiz wherein you are presented with a problem, to wit:

7 + -6

and *first* you asnwer

what’s the operation:    __ addition   __ subtraction   __ multiplication  __ division

… and I’d have liked to randomize the numbers, but seems you can only do that in an arithmetic problem, not multiple choice.

I’d like you to have to answer the first one correctly before the second one appears (which can be done on the “Connect” software that Math LIteracy uses).

Still, I’d really like to have something for students to practice with that will take them through the process and/or give them a visual hint when asked (like chips of the numbers on a number line).   Since classes start Monday and it’s 3:00 on Friday… the odds are against it… but we shall see!

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