We’re baaack!

Posted on January 5, 2015


Well, two students are here — one just chillin’ and the other prepping for the Math assessment.  I’m utterly disoriented ’cause I haven’t been out of *town* for a week but I have been away from my desk.   SO I’ve *sort of* been keeping up with emails…

… the trip back was a little hairy.   Rain, rain, rain, 45, 50 degrees… then suddenly I realized those were white silent blobs smacking the windshield.   A glance — the phone says it’s 38, so I’m okay.   (The car, despite being an ‘upgrade’ size-wise, didn’t have a thermometer … or *any* useful dash space unless you needed to be drinking five different drinks. And the inside light went off ‘way too quickly for getting out and it still only had a cigarette lighter — no ashtray to stick things in, though).

I don’t think it was another 20 minutes though before it was 32 and I really wished I knew whether that temp was like the one in Champaign — out at the airport, so I would know my temp was probably 3 degrees warmer — or… not… because as wet as it was, when it ducked subfreezing things were going to slick up fast.  I considered stopping and fiddling with the phone to find Google maps “traffic” and see road speeds, but when I glanced down I realized it was there already because just in front of me things were red.   Would seem things had slicked up… that delayed things enough, though, so that after that the roads were treated and the other “first discovery” accidents were moved out of the way.   I saw at least three horribly mangled cars (and one or two “just” wrecked), and just hope they were like the kid my chillin’ student told me about in an accident that happened just in front of him, who got out of his car, looked at the way the front fender was basically in the back seat, and seriously inquired as to whether he was going to heaven or not…

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