Break time!

Posted on December 31, 2014


Had actual success at doing some work without straying, so I’ve got the first five powerpoints done (of 17, though.) Will be singing at Mass tonight, then heading out to the Esquire for the Duke of Uke and his Novelty Orchestra, which unfortunately for *me* seems to be a popular New Year’s Eve venue. I’ll probably invoke Moonlight Savings Time and head home after 11:00.
I’ve also dived into Free Code Camp and yes, I can do whatever I want with JavaScript I think… tho’ I also think I needed the Java courses to understand the structure of programming. THe assorted tutorials are still set up for people with business websites and I need to be able to adapt for mine. I’m thinking that if I’ve got some awesome interactives in JavaScript, then I can plop it into Moodle (per the Open Educational Resources course I’ll be taking in the spring), Cobra (Parkland’s Desire2Learn learning management system) or Canvas (which is having its little contest for which things are due on the 23 of January).
I’m also signed up for an online Adobe course for educators in digital creativity. Lots of the other people introducing themselves are far from newbies and a few are in similar settings to mine. I probably should hit hard ahead of time in anticipation of having to do without Edge, because I am pretty sure that came around after I got my CS6 and no, Adobe, I am not interested in your “made for people with huge expense accounts” subscription product and your utterly crappy customer service when it doesn’t work. (THe people weren’t crappy, but they were clearly not told how to deal with anybody outside a certain category.)
Enough of that break stuff. It’s too cold for me to want ot go for an extra ride (it was 8 this morning)… so I’m going to try to make myself get on that trainer thing, which honestly I hate because it doesn’t work right. Either my wheel isn’t true (which is possible) or the trainer’s out of whack, but it’s a completely uneven resistance as the wheel goes ’round. Might have to take up running and swimming…

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