freecodecamp and that holiday feeling

Posted on December 30, 2014


So I tried to get back to FreeCodeCamp adn it logged me in as Moo2UFoodie. Amusing because my father, in high school, was part of a faux fraternity called “Mu Eta Pi” and their greetng was “Moo!” “Moo To You, Too!”

Mostly I’m doing the holiday pinball bounce around with all the things that “hey! You Could Do That Over Break!” … which I have learned … simply isn’t a time for a whole lot of focus. But I am getting some stuff done and … the kitchen is Pretty Danged Clean. I even ….. scrubbed some of the fungus off the siding on the garage, which I had thought far more formidable than it is. Actually the issue is the stuff flies off and cascades and … it’s toxic to this sensitive humanoid. However, it’s a reason to USE the pool chlorine tablets I snagged off the road that one day …

(Did I mention that this wasn’t a time for particular focus 🙂 ? )

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