Production vs. learning

Posted on December 22, 2014


Welp, it’s becoming painfully clear that no, GIMP is not intuitive (not to me, anyway).   If I’m going to be able to use it — and for what I want, it **should** be ample — it seems I’ll have to wade through a mess of tutorials to get to the four or five thigns I’d want to do.

I mean, how hard *should it be* to  select a circle and copy it and move it and make more circles on the same layer?

Too bad, so sad.   All the selection processes select the whole layer.   I found a nice “stuck!” page that explained ‘anchoring layers’ which helped, but didn’t help the stupidity of the program deciding what was going to move based on … ??? … (not which layer I had selected and unlocked; no, it moves the locked, non-selected ‘background’ layer.)   It could just be that “layer” doesn’t really mean the same thing here, and I should make those “layers” tiny as the image and merge layers.   That’s what tutorials would tell me.  Stupid me for wanting to dive in and do.

Three hours on what should have taken fifteen minutes (and could have taken 3).

If it weren’t all kinds of rainy, I’d have brought my computer with Photoshop, though my heart really, really, really wants to be able to do this open source.

So I figured I’d make smaller layers.  Too bad, so sad, if I make one layer smaller, *everybody* gets cropped. Fourteen more tries…

… so I’m succeeding by simply making totally separate images — none of this “save time by making all the layers possible” stuff.

(and I must be easily thrilled, because it’s noon and I have all the icons done.  Time for the Mandatory Walkabout.)

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