GIMP lesson

Posted on December 22, 2014


Okay, to review what we learned today in GIMP.  No, it’s not a tutorial — just a review…

To make a circle, click on the “select an oval” and make one with shift down so it’s a circle.

Then “fill” that circle.

Then make the canvas and everything shrink down around it, and export it as a picture.

Then I made my little icon background like the domino, and dragged ’em in … I didn’t try to have layers but exported separately as my icons for all the assorted sizes.

I made one of the “ten” with a transparent background, though I’m not sure I’ll ever use it.

D2L’s quizzes are also kinda tough to navigate.   I mean, most things have drop down menus … but no, I have to remember the names ofmy sections to create a random one.  (And my brain’s frying ’cause that has derailed me for fifteen minutes…)  So I go back and see if I can have two windows open.   The flicking “open in a new window” doesn’t actually *do* anything (opens a blank window).

Oh.   And it doesnt’ actually add any questions when you tell it to.   It just has no quesitons.  It *says* it does; it lists them.  However, they are not there.

I recognize that developing this stuff is a bear.   I recognize all these learning management systems suck.   It’s still annoying. Yes. One more time I clicked on all things possibel to ACTUALLY ADD FLOGGING QUESTIONS.   Sorry, that is not an option.  I LOVE WASTING TIME@!!@!@#

Okay, I found the teeny little box where I had to tell it how many questions to pick from the random selection.

I hate that no, it won’t repeat them but I guess that’s more popular and I *did* figure out that if I just copy the question it treats it as a different one (and I’m not doing anything sophisticated with it that would require me needing to know that they’re the same).

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