Posted on December 15, 2014


I often struggle with puzzles… not this one.  https://twitter.com/davidwees/status/544490638948196352/photo/1

Four digit number :   k  h  t  u   (why those letters? ;))

Product of digits is not 0.   (Fast conclusion:  no digits zero.)

tu = h   — very limited possibilities; product still has to be 9 or fewer but… that doesnt’ get me an answer. (Yes, I’m already using the teachable strategy:  find *one* of ’em and build from that.   )

Only odd digit = k  … could be useful…

t + l = k

t is a square number — OKAY,  here’s my starting point… that’s limited to 1, 4, or 9… and since it has to be even, it’s 4. Puzzle over.. then k is 5…

None of my digits are the same

I’m greater than 5000.


So:   5_4_   U must be 2 b/c it has to be even, so h must be 8.   (last two ‘clues’ seem superflous…)


… Of course, this has me pondering why this is “fun” for me — how much does working memory and extreme automaticity of basic things (evenness of numbers, that ‘answers’ have to be from 1-9 and ease of testign all possibilities without brain strain…)

… but I vowed to make an effort to dive into Desire2Lrn today, since classes and finals are over and student traffic will be minimal, so onward!

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