gnawing at the khan academy bone

Posted on December 15, 2014


Okay, Okay, I should dive deeper into D2L — but I watched a mess of videos and it’s 4:00 and Khan Academy came up in several assorted conversations, not initiated by me, today. I was inspired to share the “shipping beats perfection” motto per their employee recruitment, which meant I ended up reading more, including this:

“We’re striving to create a body of tasks which will allow us to accurately teach, assess, and represent a student’s mathematical knowledge state. Mastery of any piece of mathematics wraps together conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and real-world application. For this task, we’ll ignore real-world application and focus on breaking an area of math into its component procedural fluencies and conceptual understandings.”

Now, if in fact ‘conceptual understandings’   were actually addressed it would be one thing, but it’s a 3-word after-write. Basically “yes, we know that to learn math you need understanding, but we’re going to ignore that and focus on procedures.”

That said, the blurb for the web copywriter seemed to want quality and seemed to (I did stop myself from clicking through to the actual examples) identify some of the weaker lessons on KA.

At any rate, Modumath is getting lots of use here getting ready for COMPASS… now one more brief play with D2L before doing some caroling… ’tis the season 😉  Oh, and the students who were talking about KA requested my mtt2k video and thought my stuff was actually fun.

Oh, and CUMTD reminds me that by now we’d had 8 + inches of snow last year.   We *did* have some slime, twice, so far, and yes I’m tired of “fog/mist” but if that’s the price for 40+ degree temps, I’m on it.

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