that memory thing

Posted on December 13, 2014


whereas it seems that yesterday’s navigation of self and correct clothes to the concert meant that not all the music made it… and seems flash drive with all the cool stuff is still at work.

… also going to “really try this time!” to cut back on timesucks. This little guy is kinda handy ’cause it has the hours from 6 a.m. to midnight. Having it in my face reminds me that *this* is actually an hour wherein I could be getting something accomplished as opposed to spending three hours in the “check email and browse for cool stuff online” which is an important part of the day but needs to get smaller. Hey, today I matched ten pairs of socks instead of reading twitter posts 🙂

So I”m going to stop now ’cause you might be in the same mode — so I expect to be posting a little less, and only if there’s something I think worth sharing (even if it’s only a cool printable calendar — and yes, there’s a full 24 hour version, too).

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