Tutsplus worked :)

Posted on December 12, 2014


So it’s almost noon and I got the “arithmetic game” from tuts plus to work nicely. It’s got exactly some of the elements I want in my app… next job, translate — but “morning – app, afternoon – cobra/camtasia” is my motto this next week of very-few-students.

(Also duly noting that I’m utterly cranky:   it’s a “don’t hit send” day, except I already did, twice.   Sorry instructure, when you post “Information lost in the feedback loop between instructors and students results in lossless learning.”  you’re saying that “information lost… results in lossless learning” and that is illogical.   And when your response to me posting the sentence with question marks is to tell me where happy happy joy joy I can find out more about your cute catchphrase … it makes me crankier.

Duly noting that “research” may “prove” that additives and sugar don’t make people irritable but … I’ve been consuming those CHristmas thank-you goodies…)

Onward to Camtasia!!

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