Feedback and points

Posted on December 3, 2014


Observation from math teacher about our packed tutoring area:  when he informs them of resources for studying and review, and makes suggestions for exercises to complete, they don’t come.   When he gives them a 190-point review packet, they do.

In gamification terms, the review packet makes the “onboarding” part easier — bam! the paper is right there in front of you.   It’s a trigger. You do the action and get the reward… and now you’re hooked…

The students who actually understand that the grades just might be structured so that they’re getting 190 points — towards the “homework” part of their grade, which might be a whopping 10% — are more likely to be doing well in the math class already, what with all that number sense it takes to understand that.

I got to try to explain that to the student who didn’t understand why her good test score didn’t make her overall grade move, when her bad test score at the beginning of the semester had made it move a lot.   I need to make a mean movie 🙂

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