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Posted on November 24, 2014


Wandered over to teh BrightSpace (a.k.a. Desire2Learn or D2L, a.k.a. “Cobra Learning”) site and found several webinar recordings that should be useful in using those pointy gamy things for the MOOCulations course.  The one in Georgia described the students not getting on board right away, which inspired him to add “Grinders” — repetitive tasks that could be done w/ no maximum.   This included making memes with descriptions for terms from the course (as long as they didn’t repeat other students’ memes).

The “game” part of the course was all extra credit, and only actually changed two of 15 grades (C to a B and B to an A), and I would argue that if the activities improved the learning, then that wouldn’t be much different than having done well on an ‘official’ part of the course.

Still, I’m reflecting on the whole intrinsic/extrinsic rewards thing, and thinking that it would be worth fading the “game” parts (especially if they were fully integrated into the course) and talkin’ about that ‘understanding’ thing, and how to motivate oneself to get things done that one didn’t think could be done.

… and reminding that it’s time to push to production (tho’ I shan’t ever emulate the Khan Academy’s proud announcement of the philosophy ‘production before perfection’ or some such thing dismissing regard for quality).

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