Adobe…Flash… grrrreeennn….

Posted on November 23, 2014


So. I was SO proud of myself — I dove back into Flash which I haven’t looked at in months or a year and made an adorable animation of a key, with its labels, breaking into parts and floating back togehter.

Well, all well and good, and it *did* take about two hours which I figure I might do again in half an hour


When I put in the animation, well, my nice black pencil marks turn into pale green ones, so my final product is this impossible to see pale squiggle.

Why??? Why would a product just change what you have, no reason, no rhyme? Oh, because … it’s Adobe. When will I learn that it just sucks and time spent == time wasted??

(… note. Happily. It really did take half an hour to get it done again and … for whatever reason, this time it did not turn green and pale.)

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