Too Many Options!

Posted on November 16, 2014


Last weekend was fairly frantic, what with breakfast out and Cranksgiving and focusing on the app on Sunday. That meant I never got to the little tutorial on javascript that I had found…

… but last week I played with the app a *little* — but it’s time to make the most quizlike, most interactive parts, which I expect to want to have in a non-android platform, and time to get things done w/ Camtasia b/c they’ll be the backbone of the actual course and they’re easier to share than an app.
SIgh, just spent an hour plodding through campus and gmail emails, google Drive, and a little googling, remembering only that I’d been on a “teacher’s sharing site” that didn’t feel profit-oriented, and … that I was PRETTY SURE I had sent it to myself.

FInally decided to check this here blog thing and there it was. NOte to self: First preference for “sites to go to:” Google Drive, since if you’re online to go to sites you can go there. Second: add a few extra key words (not that it would have helped in this instance).

And the sock monkey is really noisy today. Still clueless as to what triggers its random yodeling from the living room.

So. OVer to this tutorial thing… hoping it’s compatible w/ my version of Adobe Stuff. If not, not sure what direction to go in..)
Oh, and it’s chilly — 30’s — but not snowing — but last night a few flurries reminded me just how calming cascading flakes can be on a still, winter night.
… Oh… well… it’s flash, not javascript or HTML5. Not going there… time to play with PowerPOint instead.

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